Spring Cloud Pipelines 1.0.0.M8 发布,重构 CF

Spring Cloud Pipelines 1.0.0.M8 发布,重构 CF

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Spring Cloud Pipelines 1.0.0.M8 发布了,这是 Spring Clound Pipelines 的一个新里程碑,此次更新增加了许多新功能和关于质量与测试的改进,包括重构 Cloud Foundry,更改发布模式等。

新功能增加了对具有多个模块的项目的支持,以及对于单一库(mono-repos,指其中包含独立应用程序源码的项目)的支持。而质量和测试方面,完成了约 200 个 Bash 测试,并且已经为 Concourse 管道编写了缺失的测试。

目前项目源码已经发布为可供下载的小工件,大约 150kb,这样就不用克隆整个 repo 或下载大约 25mb 的文档。 



  • Latest prod tag could change while pipeline is running [#125]

  • Don’t log any URLs cause it can contain the password [#121]

  • Parametrize the manifest.yml filename [#117]

  • Change the CF way of doing prod deployment [#111]


  • Allow multiple ports for stub runner on CF [#123]

  • Allow passing of credentials to upload to repo with binaries [#116]

  • Allow to reuse existing services for test environment [#114]

  • Utilize the keyval resource in the concourse pipeline [#120]

  • Get last prod-tagged release for back-compatibility and rollback jobs [#124]

  • Add switch to delete services in CF [#112]

  • Separate repo with binaries URL for upload and download [#115]

  • Enabled tag deletion in prod-rollback job [#128]

  • Added parametrization of sc-pipelines.yml file in pipelines [#127]

  • Bumped Gradle to 4.8 [#154]

  • Migrate to use new bats repo [#155]

  • [Jenkins] Download the pipeline definition instead of cloning it from Git [#146]

  • For a release produce an artifact with sources only to make it weigh less [#142]

  • Custom Git commands in commons scripts don’t use SSH key [#145]

Breaking changes

  • App manifest is ignored [#129]

    • main source of truth for CF deployment is the manifest

  • Refactor the prod deployment function names [#113]

    • deployGreen or switchBackToBlue functions got removed

  • Add support for multi module/project built applications [#109]

    • the git tag is changed to contain the project name in it. E.g changed from dev/1.0.0.M1 to dev/projectName/1.0.0.M1

Bug fixes

  • Rollback smoke test run the latest tests and not the old ones [#118]

  • The gitSsh credentials in Jenkins are not created [#137]

  • Unit tests for project customization fail when run on Windows OS [#134]

  • Jenkins pipelines generated by sample seed pipeline don’t refer Git SSH credentials [#138]

  • Scripts tests fail when specifying PIPELINE_DESCRIPTOR [#142]

Documentation fixes

  • Update the docs with step by step to convert your project [#30]

  • Fixed paragraph about Kubernetess wrongly mentioned Cloud Foundry [#152]

1.0.0.M8 文档