Calibre 3.28 发布,功能强大的电子书管理软件

Calibre 3.28 发布,功能强大的电子书管理软件

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Calibre 3.28 发布了,Calibre 是一款功能强大的电子书管理软件,支持 Amazon、Apple、Bookeen、Ectaco、Endless Ideas、Google/HTC、Hanlin Song 设备及格式。此次更新内容如下:

New features

  • Allow creating rules to transform author names when adding books to calibre. Accessible via Preferences->Adding books->Adding actions

    Closes tickets: 1780152

  • Add a similar author mapper tool to manipulate author names in the existing library. Accessible via Preferences->Toolbars

  • Add a similar author mapper tool for metadata downloading, accessible via Preferences->Metadata download

  • Comments Editor: Add options to change the case of the selected text to the right click menu

    Closes tickets: 1780469

  • Edit book: When sorting non text files in the File list recognize numbers in the file names

    Closes tickets: 1781721

Bug fixes

  • calibredb catalog: Recognize file extensions even when they are not lowercase

New news sources

  • Il Post by frafra

  • Bloomberg Columnists by Dale Furrow

Improved news sources

  • Sunday Times Magazine UK

  • The Economist

  • The Houston Chronicle

  • El cohete a la luna

  • CBC Canada